Friday, January 31, 2020

Winter Reading 2020 Star Pig


Vess is on her way to Space Camp, but unlike the movie of that name, the accident to the shuttle Vess is traveling on leaves her as the only survivor. Her life is saved by a tardigrade, a creature normally microscopic in size on Earth, but gigantic in the case of this space-faring individual. In the manner of the living spaceship in Binti, the self-named space pig rescues Vess and keeps her alive - since tardigrades can survive in space. But their troubles are only beginning. Vess and the Earth artifacts are  valuable to galactic fans of human culture, while Star Pig is even more valuable for its species longevity and other biological secrets. Can the two of them survive those who are as acquisitive as The Collector from Marvel comics?

With plenty of pop culture references - everything from the Sarlacc of Star Wars to Keanu Reeves - and some wonderful scenes of a geeky teen messing about with alien technology, this is a fun and entertaining read for those who enjoy sci-fi stories. Once they reach the end readers will be eagerly looking for the next installment. "Tubular Tardigrade Facts" are included in the back of the book. Recommended for YA readers, title will be released on March 10.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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