Sunday, January 19, 2020

Winter Reading 2020 When Kittens Go Viral

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Most people have seen funny animal videos, and we all assume that the humans are catching their pets unaware. But what if communication were actually possible and the videos were the result of planning and cooperation between species? Darcy Pattison has conjured up a world where cats and humans can talk (thanks to a device similar to the dog collars in the movie "Up"). Now cats and their kittens can audition for parts in commercials and public service announcements, earning paychecks and being housed in apartments provided by the video cat companies in Kittywood. Angel and her siblings are determined to make it big in the videos so that they can win cash prizes and pay for their father's return flight home from France, but they have plenty of competition. And they must find their strength - are they comedic, charming, athletic, fashionable? The daily routine of the kittens is very similar to child actors - rehearsals, training, filming, costume fittings, etc.

This story of kitten video stars will be perfect for all those middle grade readers who enjoy animal stories with anthropomorphic characters.

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