Sunday, June 28, 2020

Spring Reading 2020 I Will Never Forget You

Miyanishi's latest book in the Tyrannosaurus series features a T-rex that learns to care for another rather than being a selfish bully. This T-rex is planning on eating a small spinosaurus when an earthquake strands them both on a small piece of ground broken off from the mainland. When the T-rex spares the smaller dinosaur so that the spinosaurus can catch fish for him, the two begin a shaky relationship. Over the days they are marooned, the admiration of the little dinosaur causes a change of heart in his large companion.

The artwork is a clear, graphic style that is fun and attractive for young readers. When the T-rex says to Wimpy that the red berries "may be even more delicious than you," youngsters will recognize the effort to reach out by someone not used to having friends. And the effects of Wimpy's compliments on the lonely bully are also emphasized. Once again, Miyanashi shows the redemptive power of love and trust.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher for review purposes. 

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