Sunday, June 14, 2020

Spring Reading 2020 The Thursday Murder Club


Most people probably think of retirement communities as rather peaceful places with everything happening at a slower pace than the outside world, and the only excitement revolving around planned social events or the arrival of new residents. But this is not an episode of "The Golden Girls." The Thursday Murder Club at Coopers Chase looks at old cold cases and tries to solve them. They are a from a variety of backgrounds - a government operative, a psychiatrist, a labor organizer, a nurse - all retired now, of course. And when the developer of Coopers Chase is murdered in front of all of them, they spring into action. Using contacts from their former jobs, their own expertise and that of their various adult offspring, and teaming up with the local police force, the club members uncover plenty of clues. With motives ranging from disgruntled business partners, protesters over the disturbance of a local cemetery, and possible involvement in illegals, they have plenty to keep them busy. 

Chapters of standard narrative are interspersed with diary entries from one of the club members, which give readers one character's thoughts and theories about the investigation. As the newest member of the club, Joyce (the diarist), also shares her opinions about the other members as well as the key players in the investigation. Along with their efforts at helping to solve the crime, readers will also see the club (Joyce, Ibrahim, Ron, and Elizabeth) dealing with friendships, spouses, families, and other residents. The murder didn't take place in a vacuum, after all.

Recommended for those who enjoy mysteries and appreciate the insight and other assets that characters who have lived long and useful lives can offer (Miss Marple comes to mind, although she is not the only mature sleuth in literature). This is a delightful story that keeps throwing out more details, and readers cannot be sure which are important and which are red herrings until the very end. We can all hope that the club has further literary outings for us to enjoy.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley for review pruposes.

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  1. Suz thank you for your reviews and recommendations. This one definitely caught my eye as a lover of Miss Marple and mystery.Excited to add this title to my reading list!