Friday, September 4, 2020

A Whale of the Wild Awareness Tour


Enter for a chance to win a copy of Rosanne Parry’s A Whale of the Wild!
Five (5) winners receive:
  • A copy of A Whale of the Wild, by Rosanne Parry
Giveaway begins September 1, 2020, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends September 15, 2020, at 11:59 P.M. MT.
Written by Rosanne Parry

Publisher’s Synopsis: In the stand-alone companion to the New York Times–bestselling A Wolf Called Wander, a young orca whale must lead her brother on a tumultuous journey to be reunited with their pod. This gorgeously illustrated animal adventure novel explores family bonds, survival, global warming, and a changing seascape. Includes information about orcas and their habitats.
For Vega and her family, salmon is life. And Vega is learning to be a salmon finder, preparing for the day when she will be her family’s matriarch. But then she and her brother Deneb are separated from their pod when a devastating earthquake and tsunami render the seascape unrecognizable. Vega must use every skill she has to lead her brother back to their family. The young orcas face a shark attack, hunger, the deep ocean, and polluted waters on their journey. Will Vega become the leader she’s destined to be?
A Whale of the Wild weaves a heart-stopping tale of survival with impeccable research on a delicate ecosystem and threats to marine life. New York Times-bestselling author Rosanne Parry’s fluid writing and Lindsay Moore’s stunning artwork bring the Salish Sea and its inhabitants to vivid life. An excellent read-aloud and read-alone, this companion to A Wolf Called Wander will captivate fans of The One and Only Ivan and Pax.
Includes black-and-white illustrations throughout, a map, and extensive backmatter about orcas and their habitats.
Ages 8-12 | Publisher: Greenwillow Books | September 1, 2020 | ISBN-13: 9780062995926


The author mentions that she loved writing about a matriarchy, about a young female who was destined to lead one day and what that would feel like to grow up knowing that power was your future. That was a different mindset for characters, but then so was seeing the world from a killer whale's point of view. Vega, that young female, cares deeply for her family and learns from her mother and greatmother. She and all her kin appreciate the natural rhythm of life. The way they describe and think of what they encounter shows that bond. Vega thinks about the salmon run: "Rain falls. Mountains call their salmon home. One big circle, like the long dance we make with our whole family every salmon season." Her cousin Aquila explains the earth shifting along the tectonic plates: "The earth itches, just as we do. It rubs against rocks as we do and sometimes bits of it break free, just like we shed old skin." One of the things I liked about the book was the tie between the whales and the stars. All of them are named for stars - Vega, Deneb, Altair, etc. And they know their locations just as well as they know the sea stacks, islands, and coves along the coast. I also liked the loyalty of the family. Hearing about Uncle Rigel saving family members from capture by humans, or Vega's own determination to get her brother back home makes the kinship seem as if it is also a safety net. Everyone is connected to each other, to life, to the world. A perfect middle-grade read for those who enjoy stories about the sea and its inhabitants, or sibling adventures, or survival stories

Rosanne Parry is the author of the novels Heart of a Shepherd and Last of the Name, among other acclaimed titles. She lives with her family in an old farmhouse in Portland, Oregon, and writes in a treehouse in her backyard.
Lindsay Moore is an artist and writer with roots in Northern Michigan. She studied marine biology and fine art at Southampton College on Long Island and figure drawing at the Art Students League of New York, and earned her master of science in medical and scientific illustration from Medical College of Georgia, now Augusta University. Lindsay Moore lives with her family in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Instagram: @HarperKids
Twitter: @HarperKids

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