Saturday, September 5, 2020

Summer Reading 2020 Pirate Nell's Tale to Tell

Nell has always dreamed of being a pirate and has faithfully studied the Pirate's Almanac. Life on board the pirate ship isn't what she had imagined. Instead of adventures, her days are filled with scrubbing the deck and scrubbing pots and pans. While the rest of the crew enjoys the stories she tells, the captain isn't impressed by a pirate who can read. "No time for reading on this ship!" he barks.

Can one small pirate make her dreams come true and perhaps help the rest of the crew while she is at it?  The Docherty crew certainly knows how to tell a story. They will have readers rooting for Nell and hoping that the grumpy Captain Gnash learns a lesson. The illustrations make it clear that Nell's imagination is full of sea serpents, buried treasure, dodging cannonballs, and other pirate feats. If only she could bring those dreams to life instead of being stuck on the galley.

Like many underdogs, Nell just needs the chance to prove her worth and to show that reading is a useful skill in any occupation. Stick with her through the rough seas, and find a happy ending where X marks the spot.

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