Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Malice in Miami (Jamie Quinn #6)

Once again Jamie Quinn is in trouble and surrounded by danger. You would think a helpful family law practitioner would have a less eventful life. This time around she is dealing with the PTSD her father is suffering from his arrest the last time he was in the States, her boyfriend Kip's new hobby that has him tromping around in the Everglades, her own involvement in an FBI investigation, and her transition into a possible new job. Okay, there is much more than that - but those are some of the highlights.

As usual Jamie is surrounded by her friends and has the loving support of Kip at home. But there are so many things going on around her, many of them increasing the risk in one way or another, that it is hard to see how she will come out of this one alive. One of the situations involves helping Jayashree and Nick in collecting evidence. As Jamie thinks to herself, "...my life had been in danger every time I'd worked with the FBI...What can I say? I'm Charlie Brown and they're Lucy, holding the football and promising this time will be different."

The story unfolds with plenty of action, humor, surprises, and some romance. Perfect for fans of Florida as a setting, those who enjoy forays into the art world, readers who are already familiar with the world of Jamie Quinn, and tales of taking on large corporations on behalf of the little guy.

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