Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Winter Reading 2021 Sydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World


Odd couple roommates and friends are a classic literary trope, and Sydney and Taylor fit neatly into that category. Although Taylor enjoys the burrow they share, he also has "Big Ideas" sometimes. His latest idea is that they should leave the burrow and see new things. But Sydney is not sure about the idea and tells Taylor, "Old is better than new... And exciting is...exhausting." Still, friends support each other, so Sydney packs some supplies and Taylor gets the map to plan the path of their adventure.

Being small creatures they don't actually go very far from their home under Miss Nancy's potting shed, but it seems they have traveled the whole wide world by the time they return. They know that there are "mountains taller than a hundred hedgehogs" and "valleys wider than a thousand skunks," but they set out. Along the way there are encounters with frogs, dogs, automobiles, and fast moving streams. Finally they are safely back in their burrow to reminisce about their expedition.

Perfect for fans of Frog and Toad or other buddy stories. This is just the first in a series featuring Sydney and Taylor, so stay tuned for more fun and adventure. (Expected publication date is February 2, 2021. I read an advance copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.)

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