Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Winter Reading 2021 The Magical Reality of Nadia


What happens when an Egyptian teacher is cursed to be trapped inside an amulet for two thousand years and the amulet is found by a modern student? Is there any way for a sixth grader to break the curse and free the prisoner? It isn't easy when that student is busy dealing with the challenges of middle school, a new kid who seems determined to tease her about her heritage, and working with her friends to win a contest sponsored by the local museum.

Nadia begins the school year full of enthusiasm for her classes, eager to reconnect with her friends after the summer, and proud of her cultural background. But the mocking of a new student, including an embarrassing scene at the carnival where he urges everyone to "walk like an Egyptian," has her trying to blend in and avoid being on his radar. Discovering that there is someone trapped inside the amulet just gives her one more thing to cope with, but maybe Titi can help her team design the winning idea for a new museum exhibit. And, just maybe, she can help Titi find a way to break his curse.

A great middle grade read about being true to yourself, the need for cultural sensitivity, and how friction can arise between even the best of friends (especially when they don't know what the other is going through). Shorter and more light-hearted than the Rick Riordan Presents titles that feature folklore from various cultures, Nadia's story reflects the real-life experiences of the author's family and others who have moved to the U.S. from Egypt. Titi's character has the humorous appeal of the genie in Disney's animated Aladdin, sure to generate laughter while passing along details about ancient Egyptian life.

Pass this book along to middle grade readers who enjoy stories that incorporate myths and tales from other cultures, humor, and school-based action. 

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