Monday, March 15, 2021

Winter Reading 2021 Wild Sign


I love, love, love stories with Anna and Charles. There are always so many backstories woven into each new book, new revelations about the characters, new layers to the relationships. This one has a flashback featuring Sage. FBI Special Agent Leslie Fisher makes an appearance. Tag travels with the Cornicks as they follow up on information provided by the FBI and we get to see more of his personality and catch a few hints about past adventures with Charles.

So with an entire town that has gone missing there are plenty of mysteries, possible clues, and maybe even a few red herrings dropped here and there. Could it be witchcraft? Are there Native deities involved? Why is this happening on land that belongs to the Marrok's pack? Could it be an oblique attack at the pack or the Marrok himself? One of the big pulls of this book is the chance to learn more about Leah's past - where Bran found her and why he made her his mate. (All questions we have been wondering about.)

When the investigation is planned, Anna says, "So we three are going to venture into a situation that disappeared a village and brought a legendary werewolf - no...a legendary legend to his knees and killed who knows how many people. You and I and Tag." I've come to see sending Anna and Charles to handle something as a bit like the "one riot, one ranger" approach of the Texas Rangers. Sending Tag along seems like it might be overkill, but they have occasionally run into situations where a little backup is useful, so why not?

Existing fans of Patricia Briggs and the Alpha & Omega series will not be disappointed in this new story with its mix of ties to previous books and new revelations. For those just encountering Anna and Charles, there is enough detail to make the story enjoyable on its own - but they will probably wind up searching out the rest of the series when they finish this book.

Due for publication today (March 16). I read an advance review copy and the quote from Anna may appear slightly different in the published version.

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