Saturday, April 24, 2021

Spring Reading 2021 Einstein: The Fantastic Journey of a Mouse Through Space and Time


Who doesn't like a good mouse adventure? Mickey Mouse. Tom and Jerry. Reepicheep. Ralph S. Mouse. Despereaux. (Okay, I could go on, but I won't.)  Author/illustrator Torben Kuhlmann taps into that love of small heroes in his series of adventures featuring mice and famous names from history. Lindbergh had a mouse constructing and flying an airplane. Armstrong had a mouse on the moon. Edison showed two mice exploring the depths of the sea in search of a lost treasure. But as if that were not enough, now a mouse will take on time travel!

Of course, the mouse in question is motivated by the desire to attend a cheese festival, but that is perfectly understandable. Young readers will love the scenes of the mouse resetting the time on wristwatches, alarm clocks, and even DVD players in an effort to go back to the day of the big event. When he does find a way to travel (in a manner Jules Verne would approve), things go a bit haywire and the mouse protagonist takes up residence in the attic of the patent office where young Albert Einstein works. Can these two original thinkers help each other out? Will our hero ever make it to the cheese festival and his own century?

As in all Kuhlmann's books, the artwork and attention to detail are extraordinary. The story idea is original (although I couldn't help imagining the mouse as a rodent version of Marty McFly). Back matter helps readers with information about Albert Einstein, relativity, thought experiments, time travel, and the curvature of space. For readers and library collections who already have the earlier books, this new title must be added to the set. For those who haven't enjoyed these mouse adventures yet, perhaps you have seen Kuhlmann's artwork in Flight for Freedom? If you enjoyed his work on that true story, give this furry tale a try. 

Due for publication on September 7 just in time (LOL) for the start of a new school year.

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