Saturday, April 24, 2021

Spring Reading 2021 Paper & Blood (Ink & Sigil #2)


In Paper & Blood readers will once again meet up with sigil agent Al MacBharrais and his hobgoblin Buck. The pair's first outing, Ink & Sigil, introduced readers to the sigil agents, a group of talented folks who help bring order to visitors from other realms when they wish to come to the everyday world here on Earth. With the use of magical sigils created with special inks, the agents can outfox security cameras, heal wounds, and write binding contracts with the Fae and other beings. But each agent is responsible for a large territory and when one goes missing, it is a very big deal.

That is where this story begins - with the mysterious disappearance of a sigil agent on the other side of the world from Al's office in Glasgow. He packs up his supplies and heads off with Buck to investigate after receiving a distress call from the missing agent's apprentice. Imagine a middle-aged suburbanite suddenly traipsing through the wilderness in the middle of the Dandenong Ranges in Australia. Now throw in Atticus (yes, the Iron Druid himself), along with his dogs Oberon and Starbuck, and a few allies they pick up along the way.

If you enjoy the world of the Iron Druid or have already jumped into the Ink & Sigil series, then this new installment should be on your TBR list. For those who have not tried the books from either series yet, go ahead and pick up Paper & Blood for a murder mystery with kidnappings, mythical beasts, magical and druidic powers, beings from alternate realms, and plenty of humor to leaven the death and destruction. (You can't have a hobgoblin around without humorous happenings.)

Due for release on August 10 - which gives everyone plenty of time to read (re-read) the Iron Druid Chronicles and Ink & Sigil #1.

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