Saturday, August 7, 2021

Summer Reading 2021 Just Be Yourself Dragon!


Our lovable friend Dragon returns in a delightful back-to-school story. Anyone can be nervous on the first day of school, even a dragon. But with plenty of understanding and support from friends, Dragon is going to give it a try. Starting off with a yummy breakfast helps and so does walking to school with friends. Dragon's day is typical for young ones just beginning school - circle time on the rug, painting, recess, building with blocks, and making music. There are some accidents, like knocking milk over at lunch, but things turn out all right. 

Throughout the story readers are encouraged to interact with Dragon. Sometimes they need to touch the book by tickling her tail to convince her to come out from under the bed or giving her "a reassuring pat." Youngsters will also need to demonstrate some actions - showing Dragon how to sit "crisscross applesauce" or giving her a "thumbs up" of encouragement. And everyone who reads the story will be reminded that things work out best when we just relax and be ourselves.

Perfect for kiddos just heading off to preschool or elementary school - and for their parents, who may need a little encouragement and comfort, too. Release date is August 24 - so get ready!

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