Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Reading 2015 The Curious Cat Spy Club


I'm not a cat lover, but I do like mysteries, so it sort of balanced out in this case. The CCSC (Curious Cat Spy Club), is founded when three schoolmates rescue some kittens that have been tossed in a dumpster. Finding the kittens brings the kids together, even though they are very different. Leo is an only child and doesn't seem to have many social skills, but he is very smart and likes to build gadgets like drones and robots. Becca lives at the Wild Oaks Animal Sanctuary with her mother and is part of the most popular group of girls at school. Kelsey shares an apartment with her 3 siblings and her parents; she likes to observe people and wishes she could be a spy. Together they decide to take care of the kittens and find out how they wound up in the dumpster.

I like the way the story not only includes the mystery of the kittens, but also shows the everyday lives of the characters. They have their club, but there is still school, chores, and family life, too. And the differences in the home-life of each kid are very typical in the real world. Becca's parents are divorced. Kelsey's father lost his job and is searching for another one. Leo's parents work long hours and are never around. Details of how much care the kittens need and what a commitment it is to care for them also add realism to the story. It sounds fun and adventurous to rescue animals, but then you have to feed them and empty the litter box and pay for the cat food and litter - there's a lot of responsibility involved.

Fun realistic fiction with a bit of sleuthing and danger mixed in. A good read for middle grade animal lovers, especially those who enjoy a series where they can encounter the same characters in each book.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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