Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Reading 2015 Seriously Wicked

What could be tougher than surviving high school? How about trying to make it through high school while keeping it a secret that you live with a witch? Camellia tries hard to balance all the demands in her life. She has to go to school, do her homework, then her chores, and keep everyone from finding out that the "aunt" she lives with is actually a witch who plans to gain control of the entire city. Of course, her chores tend to be things like mucking out the dragon poop in the garage, walking the werewolf puppy, and picking up ingredients for the witch's spells. The witch even gives her spells to learn, although Cam has sworn never to be anything like her guardian. But when she learns that the witch is planning to summon a demon and use its power to take over the town, Cam decides she may have to give in and learn some spells, just so she can stop the evil plans. 

High school as a normal teen was hard enough. I can't imagine how sleep-deprived I would have been if I had to catch pixies or round up goat's blood on top of regular chores and homework. Cam's commentary on her dilemma and the ways she tries to thwart the witch's schemes are very funny, as are some of the results of her attempts. (I now know that if you are going to stick a phoenix feather in your back pocket to make sure the cute boy at the bus stop doesn't see it, you should make sure it is no longer on fire first.) Cam's character is feisty, frazzled, and understandably snarky at times. I really enjoyed her friend Jenah, her math tutor Kelvin reminds me of Dwight from the Origami Yoda books, and the boy at the bus stop is rather adorable. Altogether a fresh take on YA urban fantasy and highly recommended.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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