Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Reading 2015 Monster Motors


With a hairstyle that would make Elvis Presley's pompadour weep in envy, Vic Frankenstein rolls into Transylvania, KY ready to take possession of the junkyard he purchased online. Little does he know that the wall surrounding his new property is there to keep something very dangerous inside...Cadillacula. That's right - a car that sucks the gas and life out of other vehicles, leaving them as lifeless, rusted shells. The vampire car even kills Vic's truck, the one he had made by hand from all sorts of pieces and parts. How will Vic protect the town and stop this monster motor?

A wonderfully funny take on the monster movies of yesteryear. Cadillacula, Wheel Wolf, Lagoon Buggy, Minivan Helsing, and Frankenride are just some of the monsters rolling through the pages. I love Vic's interactive garage operations robot, or I.G.O.R. In the opening scene as Vic rolls into Transylvania, what looks like a horned figure on a tombstone stands in the darkness, but turns out to be a billboard with a guy wearing a cowboy hat. That is the sort of "gotcha" moments that pop up throughout the book. I love the 1980s references mixed in, such as IGOR declaring "There can be only one!" or "It's Hammer Time!" And I laughed until I cried when Lagoon Buggy started singing the theme song from Flash Gordon, "He'll save every one of us. He'll save every man, every woman, every child..."

For those who enjoy some humor mixed in with their monster stories, and who don't mind that the monsters are actually vehicles of various sorts, this is a great match-up of all sorts of classic monsters. It will be interesting to see if the good guys are able to defeat Cadillacula's Carmy of Darkness. (Yes, they had to go there. Hooray for Bruce Campbell!)

Highly recommended for graphic novel and horror-comedy fans.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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