Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Reading 2015 I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay


I love the book and I enjoyed how the author shared it on Pinterest to get feedback. It was convenient that I could look only at the book's page, or I could glance down at the comments she had posted about it. Since I am a dog lover, I liked the inclusion of many types of dogs as the criteria are explored for choosing the perfect pet. I also think students would like the comparison/contrast between the two cousins and what they want and need in a dog. Of course, the names for the dogs are a very humorous perk and will catch the attention of all the superhero/comic book fans. As a mentor text to use with students learning to write an opinion essay, this hit many points of concern - it is not too technical, it deals with a subject many kids love, it has humor, the illustrations are appealing, it even shows the difference between the sloppy handwriting of a rough draft (as he's enumerating his criteria), and a neat finished copy to turn in for a grade. I will definitely be recommending this title to the reading/language arts teachers in my school.

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