Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Reading 2015 Rungle in the Jungle


This is a rhyming story about some jungle friends who decide to have a race. Timmy the Tiger and Joshua Jaguar send out word that a mile-long race will be held and everyone is invited. But the snake begins boasting about how easily he will win, playing mind games and undermining the confidence of the other animals. Timmy and Joshua are not worried or frightened and even plug their ears to keep out his hissing. The day of the race, snake again boasts and even pulls a trick to try and win, but the boys run right past him and even blow him a kiss. When the other animals see that he can be beaten, it cheers them all up and they enjoy the race. 

If you have a child who is discouraged about a competition because of someone's boasting, this story could help illustrate how the boastful don't always live up to their words. Some of the rhymes are a bit strained - "rhino" and "sign-o" - for example. The animals are anthropomorphic (wearing running shorts or eyeglasses, drinking lemonade, etc.), and they all get along (except for the snake), so this obviously would not be a book used for teaching a unit on jungle food chains. Younger readers will probably enjoy the cheerfully colored illustrations. 

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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