Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Reading 2015 Penguins


Part of the Zoo Animals series by Sandcastle Books (an imprint of ABDO Publishing), Penguins is a simple introduction to these feathered creatures that are admired by so many. Large, clear photographs cover 2-page spreads with the text kept to a minimal few sentences in one corner. Basic facts about their feathers, flippers,and coloring are shared. A comparison is made between how they find food in the wild and how they are fed in zoos. Chicks, colonies, grooming, and movement are also covered. There is a small glossary in the back and words from the glossary appear in bold within the book's text. There are also a list of fast facts and a short true/false quiz in the back matter.

This is a good title for students or young readers just venturing into nonfiction text.

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