Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall Reading 2015 Recess Is a Jungle! (Eerie Elementary #3)

Sam and his friends Lucy and Antonio are still at work protecting the other students at Eerie Elementary. They have learned that Orson Eerie built the school a hundred years ago, and that he found a way to become the school and live forever. Now he wants to swallow up the students of the school, but he has to contend with Sam, the school's hall monitor, and his friends and assistants. When a soccer ball rolls through a gap in the fence, they think nothing of going to retrieve it. After all, Orson only has power on the school grounds, right? But maybe there are still secrets that they have not yet discovered. And maybe those secrets can place them and all the students in terrible danger.

Facing fearsome swamps, conniving crows, tricky mazes, and playground equipment that comes to diabolical life, will Sam, Lucy, and Antonio make it back to school in time to protect the others? It takes courage, teamwork, and intelligence to battle Eerie Elementary - and these hall monitors have what it takes.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through edelweiss.

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