Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 A Bear's Year


Short rhyming text accompanies illustrations made from a combination of drawing and screen printing to create a charming explanation of how bears experience the seasons. Beginning with a mother bear and her two cubs sleeping in their winter den, the book carries us through the year as the cubs grow and learn. For very young readers this is simple nonfiction, but they may not realize they are learning as they enjoy the pictures and the rhymes. Early elementary school students might try to emulate the spare style and create their own versions with different young animals and habitats. For older elementary grades, this could be used in a language lesson in creative writing. They could explore how the words are used to create the mood and convey facts at the same time with this as a "mentor text." Why does the author say, "Northern Lights paint the sky" or "Earth's snowflake blanket soft and deep"? What sort of imagery is that?

This could be one of those books that is read and re-read until every word is memorized and yet it is still requested at bedtime or story-time. Whether it is read at home, used for a science lesson, modeled in a language arts class, or even shown as an inspiration in art class, it is sure to be enjoyed and appreciated. For a "Read Aloud and Celebration of the Seasons Kit", visit Curious City DPW and check out the extension activities suggested.

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  1. I'm so happy to see A BEAR'S YEAR here. Your ideas for using it in the classroom are great! Thanks so much.