Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Go for Liftoff! How to Train Like an Astronaut


A perfect addition to any collection of space books, or great as a gift for a future astronaut candidate. Dr. Dave Williams of the Canadian Space Agency has written a guide that covers what to expect if a reader hopes to someday become an astronaut. He details everything from physical training, to how many years of school to complete, to what sorts of experiences ASCANs undergo once they are accepted into the program. Plenty of photos of various astronauts working in simulators, during survival training, or on board the ISS make it a fascinating read. There are several books and online resources recommended in the Further Reading section at the end of the book.

I appreciate that Dr. Dave chose to include not only the STEM topics related to space travel, but he also points out the components of personality and attitude that are essential for success. Curiosity, commitment, passion, and resilience are just as important as medical training or piloting skills. This book covers the process clearly enough to give young readers a good idea of what to expect, but does not bog down with minutiae that would make it a boring read.

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