Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Thunder Underground


Master writer Jane Yolen has done it again. Her collection of poetry about what can be found underground is entertaining and informative. Everything from basements to underground rivers are explored and explained in various poetic forms. Some of the verses are introduced by quotes from other sources, but most leave it up to the reader to delve in and make connections with the meaning. "Thunder Underground," the title of the book, is also the title of a poem that describes the movement of beetles. Josee Masse's illustrations capture the charm and mystery of the poem's subject matter. On a page that deals with spelunking, we can see salamanders, scorpions, and other cave dwellers scampering just out of the light from an explorer's headlamp. "Corny Conversations" shares the news that corn rootlings communicate, and the picture shows rings like sonar radiating out from the plants. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy the variety of skeletal structures depicted on the pages along with the poem "Notes from Some Old Fossils."

Whether your interest is poetry, science, or a love of all things written by Jane Yolen, this book does not disappoint. Perfect to use as examples of how poetry can reflect nature and scientific topics (pair with Joyce Sidman), or to look at poetic language ("skirls of change: lacings of pipes, snorkeling sewers"), and a great addition to collections in elementary school libraries and classrooms.

I received a copy from the publisher for review purposes.

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