Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Spring Reading 2018 Wonky

Howie is a turtle who is excited about the possibility of making a friend in robot club. As the students all pair up, no one chooses Howie as a partner. He is a bit despondent until Lincoln the ostrich comes rushing into the room. Lincoln seems too fluffy and bouncy, but the teacher puts them together. Howie knows "everything about robots, from B.E.N. to 7-Zark-7." And it turns out that Lincoln's father works in the robotics field and has taught Lincoln everything from "audio receptors to zero gravity chips." Perhaps these opposites are just right for each other.

This is a mix of STEM ideas and also the theme of friendship. As the partners work on their design, readers will learn the parts of a robotic body and the fact that robots don't have to be humanoid in shape. They will also learn that folks who don't seem much alike might turn out to have a lot in common - like wanting to keep their sister out of their room! The illustrations show a variety of animals gathered in the club and a wise old owl, complete with glasses and a mortarboard, is the teacher in charge of the club.

As Howie explains at the end of the story, "Wonky means odd but wonderful." That is a very good description of the book itself. Recommended for STEM and robotics clubs, or for a story to share with classes on the first day of school as everyone worries about making friends.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher for review purposes.

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