Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Spring Reading 2019 Bedtime for Beasties


Ever have a bad experience and then realize you are in a dream, a nightmare? Our narrator and her friend Ben are in a colorful jungle when they notice eyes staring at them. They are "terrified, horrified, petrified, stunned." As they try to run away from the creatures they realize they are in a bad dream and decide to take control of the action. Dreams are great because we can fly, change size, and use abilities we don't have in real life. Using a little dream crafting, the narrator turns the nightmare into an enjoyable romp.

The digital illustrations show monsters of all colors and shapes. Watching them transform into the stars of a dream movie (complete with costumes, makeup, and wigs), will have young readers laughing at their antics. The story reinforces the idea that in a dream, the dreamer is in charge - or can take charge once they realize they are dreaming.

A fun story about the power of imagination, as well as a good book to read with kiddos who are anxious about going to sleep for fear of bad dreams. The way the narrator takes charge reminds me of Max in Where the Wild Things Are. I read a copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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