Saturday, June 15, 2019

Spring Reading 2019 Serafina and the Seven Stars

Once again Robert Beatty has our favorite heroine in the thick of the action. This time her best friend and ally, Braeden, has been sent off to school. As she tries to adjust to life at Biltmore without him, Serafina senses danger. Is it real, is she suffering from PTSD (possible, considering all she has been through in previous books), or does home just not feel the same without Braeden? We will all have to wait for a few more weeks to find out.

This series is so enjoyable for so many reasons. Serafina is vulnerable and yet incredibly strong and resilient. She is also fiercely loyal and has a belief in right and wrong that serves her friends well. The setting is beautiful with the stately Biltmore mansion, the mountains, and the natural beauty of the area. But the distance from more populated areas also makes the inhabitants easier to prey on by evil that depends on secrecy and concealment.

Readers may have started off as middle grade students, following Serafina as she matures and comes into her power, and grown into young adults along with her. There is a reason that crowds fill the bookstores where the author makes appearances to celebrate the release of each book - it is a well-earned fan base. Don't be surprised if there is a bit of a scrum at the bookshelf on July 9th.

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