Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spring Reading 2019 The Wayfinder


For readers interested in fantasy stories set in worlds with plenty of challenges, the Heartland Tales are a good choice. In The Wayfinder, a young man with the skill of finding locations and guiding others to them suffers a tragic loss that shakes his confidence. But when a plague comes to his town along with word that it is spreading throughout the Heartland, Winchal must leave the safety of his home and travel down into the Rift to find a cure. The only person known to have survived such a trip is his mother, although he has always thought that was a legend. Together with a Tazi, a special gazehound that communicate with him, Win takes on the quest - hoping to find a cure for the plague and perhaps a remedy for his own pain.

The setting has a variety of locations that offer different challenges. The characters are a mix of ages, genders, and dispositions. There is contrast between the townsfolk and the people that Win encounters in the Rift. The abilities of the wayfinders, the gazehound, and the hunters and beasts they come across all take the story out of the everyday. Besides the quest, this is also a coming of age story. Winchal is on the verge of moving from apprentice to full member of his trade, he is also moving from the care of his parents to being independent, and learning to accept his great loss in and move on with his life.

Recommended for YA readers who enjoy fantasy adventure. The Wayfinder was  first published in 2000 and is being reissued on June 11, 2019. A brand-new companion book, The Falconer, will follow on July 9. 

I read a copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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