Saturday, February 27, 2021

Winter Reading 2021 My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World

Need a book to offer a reader who loves Mrs. Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't)? Try the story of Henley who still has not found a book that he loves. It is not that he doesn't try.  He visits the library and the book store. He has even tried books about "cats chasing mice up a mountain while aliens eat pickles with monsters." Henley has taken books to the pool to see if they can swim (yikes!), is tempted to use others as pillows, and would "rather see how many grapes" he can fit into his mouth than read recipes to help fix dinner. With all his efforts, he has not found a single book that can be called a favorite. Then his mother makes a comment that gives him a wonderful way to complete his assignment and share the book with his class.

Illustrations show Henley offering books to dinosaurs in the museum, stuffing his face with grapes, and frowning as his teacher gives the assignment for the class to bring in their favorite book to share. Adults will laugh at the titles shown in the bookstore's front window like Dial "B" for Boring or ZZZZZZZ and a sign that reads "SALE on boring books." And Henley's classmates are a diverse group that will allow readers to see themselves within the pages.

Written by Super Bowl champ and literacy crusader Malcolm Mitchell, his author note explains that "this book offers the true story of my life as a reader." What better way to encourage others who have not yet stumbled upon the book that cements their love of reading? 

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