Monday, February 1, 2021

Winter Reading 2021 The Spirit of Animal Healing

I had not read Dr. Marty's previous work, so this was my introduction to his integrative practice of veterinary medicine. I appreciated the discussion of how he came to explore the various methods used in his clinic such as acupuncture, nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements), magnetic wave therapy, etc. Since I have friends who have used magnets in treating fibro myalgia and supplements for conditions from arthritis to acid reflux, I know that surgery and standard prescriptions are not the only ways that can be used to improve health. And I have heard of holistic and integrative vets, but have not seen firsthand how they use the various approaches for treatment.

Dr. Marty includes plenty of examples from his practice to illustrate how increasing vitamins or minerals for various patients helped to clear up stubborn issues, or how he was willing to try the Magna Wave himself before offering it to his animal patients. There are also short articles/essays by other experts that he has consulted or worked with to explain how they developed their approach and shared it with him.

If you are looking for a different way to care for your fur babies and appreciate less processed food, holistic treatment, and trying to rebalance the natural systems within your animal friend's body - then you should read this book and get some pointers on where to look for more information about products to try and finding practitioners in your area. The discussion on the lack of quality nutrition in pet food is probably worth the price of the entire book, and that is just one section within all the information presented.

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