Saturday, February 27, 2021

Winter Reading 2021 The Thingity-Jig

Bear finds a perfect thingity-jig to play with, but his friends are too busy sleeping to help. What can Bear do except put his tinkering skills to work and build a contraption to get the thingity-jig home? This book shows how someone with maker-space skills can solve a variety of problems using materials at hand. There are examples of onomatopoeia - "Bingity. Bing. Boing!" Although it is not a rhyming text, it has a Seussian quality with its descriptions of "... a springy thing. A bouncy thing. A sit-on-it, hop-on-it, jump-on-it thing." The pencil, ink, and digital illustrations show a bear about the size of a small child who has a grand time bouncing and jumping and building, taking "matters into his own paws." Fox, Rabbit, and Raccoon aren't so enthusiastic in the middle of the night - perfectly showing a situation where one friend's enthusiasm is not appreciated or acted upon by the rest of the group. And, of course, once the thingity-jig is available, those reluctant friends monopolize it as poor Bear stands by and waits for his turn.

Great for young kids who enjoy playing with friends, tinkering and building, and books full of phrases fun to read aloud. Sure to be a bedtime or story time favorite. Publication date April 1st.

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