Monday, June 6, 2022

Spring Reading 2022 Library Girl: How NANCY PEARL Became America's Most Celebrated Librarian


Before she was a famous TV host, public speaker, and part of NPR's Morning Edition, Nancy (Linn) Pearl  was a goung girl who loved reading more than recess. Although she was teased by the kids at school and called "library girl," she found her happy place in books. This lovely picture book biography shows how the nurturing affection of librarians helped young Nancy develop self-confidence and set her on the career path to becoming America's best-known librarian. Delightful illustrations bring to life a young Nancy in pigtails who loves horses almost as much as she loves books. Details such as her turned-up blue jeans and saddle shoes, as well as the neighborhood milkman, firmly establish the setting of 1950s Detroit. Scenes in blue show what Nancy is reading about or imagining, and then as the illustrations follow Nancy into adulthood, the blue scenes also show what other readers are visualizing. An author's note gives more details about Nancy's career and a list of her awards, books, and special regonition. There are also photos of Nancy as a child, a librarian, and even the action figure modeled on her.

Perfect for elementary school libraries and classroom collections, this story offers a role model for other kids who love reading. Publication date is set for September 13, 2022.

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