Friday, June 17, 2022

Summer Reading 2022 Sun, Surf, and Murder (Rosie Ryan Cozy Mysteries #1)

This has all the elements that modern cozy mysteries are made of. Small town? Check. Cute dog? Check. Quirky relative? Check. Feisty female protagonist? Check. Best friend who is willing to help with investigations? Check. Attractive new police officer? Check. 

Rosie is a determined reporter. After moving to Cape Carson following her divorce, she has worked hard to find stories to cover besides a woman who creates giant flowers out of paper-mache. But when a local who is prone to exaggeration calls in a report of a murder, Rosie isn't sure what she will find. As she, her faithful Trixie, and her friend Kim begin looking into what really happened they become sure that an old crime at the same house is part of the answer.

While there is plenty of danger and suspense, many moments are also very funny. Kim is determined that Rosie should met a nice man and tries to set her up on a date. (Any predictions on how that goes?) Rosie's grandmother is trying out dating, too, with the help of an online service. At least the new police sergeant is better than the last one and spends more time on the job than he does fishing.

Combine the quirky characters, the old murder/suicide case that has the locals believing the house is haunted, bodies, break-ins, the arrival of Rosie's ex in town...and a few brushes with death. Doesn't sound like anything a woman and her faithful Beagle can't handle, right?

With a good balance of action and humor, and possibly a little romantic spark, this is a great beach read or weekend escape.  And, if you like this story - there are two more to enjoy (so far).

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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