Saturday, November 5, 2022

Fall Reading 2022 Gustav & Henri

Henri and her irrepressible friend Gustav have incredible fun together. Whether they are visiting the moon to retrieve their badminton shuttlecock, traveling through time to return an overdue library book, or celebrating Pig Day, they always manage to enjoy their escapades. 

Gustav comes up with ridiculous ideas like a pig-shaped spaceship, but Henri actually seems the more sensible of the pair. She builds the spaceship while Gustav sleeps, although "as anyone who has tried it will know–it is almost impossible to build a spaceship quietly." When their trip into the past ends with a T-Rex chasing them, it is Henri who thinks of a way to escape. And when the beautiful cake that Gustav made for their Pig Day celebration disappears, it is Henri who works out the mystery.

The cast of supporting characters are just as entertaining. There is King Steve the Best, King of the Moon whom they met during their space journey. Cassandra, the Librarian, who was the reason for their trip through time. And Robert Swan, who believes he was mistakenly invited to the Pig Day party. They might challenge our heroes to a pancake-eating contest, or double permanently hyper-cancel their library cards, or plot to steal their cake - but friendship and good intentions will triumph.

Additional laughs come from the extra material at the end of each story. Readers can enjoy Gustav's recipe for Victory Nachos or smile at Henri's shopping list (which includes baked beans and hydraulic gorilla arms). I chuckled over Cassandra's comment, "Ahh, my favorite page of the book! The publishing information!"

A good choice for kids who have already gobbled up all the Elephant and Piggie books and want more best-friend stories.

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