Saturday, November 5, 2022

Fall Reading 2022 How to Catch a Class Pet


This series is a kid-pleaser. Whether young readers are interested in dragons, mermaids, or unicorns, the rhyming text and charming illustrations offer laughs on every page. This new title was released in time for back to school read-alouds in classrooms everywhere. The students in the book are eager to return to school, but stop to have a little fun on the playground before class begins. The scene allows readers to see what those playing outside the school don't notice - the pets are on cell phones! When the bell rings and everyone heads inside, the pets have all disappeared. Plans are made and traps are constructed so that the pets can be reclaimed during recess. But all the preparation doesn't work and kids head back inside empty-handed. 

Whether youngsters read on their own or with a parent, everyone will get a laugh out of seeing the "Petchat" app, the bearded dragon holding up a sign urging the other pets to play hide & seek from the kids, or the turtle standing against a green wall so that he is overlooked by searchers. Those classes and libraries who already have the previous books must be sure to add this title. For those who are only encountering the series for the first time, this introduction will show how much entertainment can be expected from the other books. Betcha can't read just one!

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