Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Fall Reading 2022 Wolf Takes the Lead (Billionaire Wolf #4)


Terry Spear's wolf shifter romances are very popular with those who enjoy a little paranormal flair in stories of finding the perfect mate. This time Derek Spencer, friend and fellow billionaire to the Denali brothers, is dumped by his girlfriend and needs a last minute date for a big charity gala. His friends arrange for Kate Hanover to be his plus-one, but it starts off the evening on an awkward note since Derek hadn't hired her when she applied to be one of his bodyguards. Things smooth out over the course of the evening...at least until someone fires a shot and all the bodyguards, including Kate, spring into action.

Over the course of a few more charity appearances and a camping trip with their friends, Derek and Kate hit it off on a personal level. But it seems that Kate may need to hire guards of her own when someone begins following her car and threatening her in other ways. Is it because of her involvement in the cosmetics firm of her employer? Or does someone want to keep her from becoming part of Derek's life?

I really enjoy how Spear works in characters from her previous books as she expands on each series. This one includes Rafe and Jade from Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing, Aidan and Holly from A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas, and Lexi and Ryder from Night of the Billionaire Wolf. Whether they are dealing with Jade's son accidentally hooking one of the adults rather than a fish, persistent paparazzi, or would-be assassins, the friends always pull together and face the difficulty. I think readers also enjoy the way the wolf shifters take time to court each other and make sure the match is a good one, since they mate for life.

This title is due out on February 7, 2023. I read an advance copy supplied by the publisher for review purposes.

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