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Created by Richard Bird

Ages 4+ | 24 Pages

Publisher: FriesenPress | ISBN-13: ‎ 9781039143425

Publisher’s Book Summary: Chulippitee. Buckadoodle. Uckeybuckey.

What do these words have in common? Poppy and Freddy invented them!

Freddy and his grandfather, Poppy, love to spend time together. One day, while they’re eating a snack, Poppy says, “Buckadoodle,” to Freddy. What does this mean? Freddy isn’t sure, but Poppy promises he will find out!

Join Freddy and Poppy on this word-game adventure, and maybe invent a word or two of your own that shows your loved ones just how much you care!




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Richard Bird is a grandfather and avid reader who has spent his career crafting policies and leveraging his love of words into creating beautifully written materials. Now, he brings his two passions together in this children’s book inspired by his relationships with his grandsons.

For more information, visit www.richardbird.ca.




Freddy and Poppy are spending time together when Poppy begins acting even more silly than usual. He starts using nonsense words like buckadoodle and chulippitee. Then he begins rhyming his silly words with other words such as poodle, oodle, noodle, or tree and bee. The story features a lot of giggling and word play between Freddy and Poppy. It also makes the point that people show their love for family in many different ways. It might be sharing a snack, or drawing pictures together, or making up silly rhymes. Accepting all those gestures and returning the emotion is a way to strengthen a relationship. This particular relationship is between an adult and a grandchild, but others can show their love in similar ways. Using nonsense words is often a family tradition. It might be a word that was misheard or misunderstood. Our family referred to parmesan cheese as “Farmer John cheese” when I was young because someone had misheard the word parmesan and thought it was cheese named after Farmer John. It could be a word that is mispronounced by a young child. A friend’s family began calling chicken noodle soup “kicking doodle soup” after a niece pronounced it that way. It could be that a certain action or saying is attached to the idea of a particular object. A child I know called their toes “eenies” because when they were very small and their parents bathed them, they would play with the child’s toes while saying the rhyme “Eeny, meeny, miney, moe.” After reading this book, you might be inspired to make a list of funny words your family or friends use and talk about their origins. Or you might prefer to make a list of ways to show affection to those you love. Have fun!


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