Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Spring Reading 2023 The Nocturnals Explore Unique Adaptations of Nighttime Animals

The Nonfiction Chapter Book Companion to The Mysterious Abductions makes a perfect double-play when paired with the chapter book, but can also be used on its own to satisfy the curiosity of young animal lovers. Readers can explore the adaptations of animals from aye-ayes to woylies. Each chapter focuses on a specific animal and details about its habitat, young, diet, abilities, and even whether they are endangered. Special sections discuss marsupials, "flying" or gliding animals, birds' eyes, and more. The text is packed with information, but at a comfortable reading level for intermediate grades and accompanied by attractive photographs of the animals.

This book is also packed with helpful nonfiction text features. Words found in the glossary are shown in orange text to pop off the page. Besides the glossary of terms there is also "Nocturnal Animal Glossary" with a thumbnail image of the animal and rundown of their scientific name, physical and behavioral characteristics, diet, habitat, and status. This section makes a great review of the facts within the book. Icons throughout the book alert readers to special adaptations and other important info - eyes, ears, nose, hiding/camouflage, whether they ever venture out during daylight, and endangered status. There are also extra "Night Notes" to highlight important details along with other captions and textboxes.

As if all of this were not enough, the Nocturnals themselves - Dawn, Bismark, and Tobin - introduce each chapter. They also pop up to address readers in the chapters discussing foxes, sugar gliders, and pangolins. Not to be left out, the other animals also have an illustrated representative in each of their chapters, too.  An index and research tips round out the book.

Perfect for existing fans of the Nocturnals adventures or for kiddos who can't get enough animal books (who will probably want to read the fiction companion books when they are done with the facts).

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