Monday, March 6, 2023

Winter Reading 2023 Murder's Legacy (A Tori Winters Mystery Book 2)


A brief introduction for those who haven't read the first book featuring Tori. She is a hospice nurse who  receives a surprise inheritance of an historic home and property, as well as a healthy bank account. When she decides to stay in Granbury, Texas and convert her grandmother's home into a B&B, Tori winds up with a major to-do list. There is demolition, renovation, remodeling, ordering new wallpaper and drapes...the list seems to grow rather than diminish. And when a skeleton is discovered during the demolition, can she find out who it was and how they came to be buried on her property before the city  permanently derails her plans?

Tori has made good friends since she came to town and she must call upon all their skills to help with the transformation of her property and finding the solution to the mystery. She names them as directors in charge of operations (Heidi), advertising (Tina), culinary offerings (Cammie), and manager (Mia). Her male friends are also integral - David's engineering firm and Colt's construction crew work on updating the property while Parker's men provide security services. One would think that everything would be under control with such good help, but no such luck.

The small town setting, the family history going back generations, the uncertainty of where the threats are coming from (greedy real estate developers, city hall, family enemies?), and the underlying mystery of the skeleton's identity all come together in a potent mix. Add in some suspicious "accidents," a few break-ins, a little arson in the neighborhood and it could be the end of the Red Door Inn and Tori Winters. 

A great read for cozy mystery fans, as well as for those who enjoy small town settings, the thrill of a group of female friends opening their own business, and digging into details such as the history of poker chips. Pick up a copy and enjoy!

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