Sunday, February 4, 2024

Winter Reading 2024 Butt or Face? Volume 2: Revenge of the Butts

Part guessing game, part nonfiction animal book, all fun! If you haven't yet had the pleasure of trying to identify whether you are looking at the front or back end of the animals in the original Butt or Face, then please do so. Even if you have already worked your way through those amazing animals and their difficult to figure out heads and heinies, there are plenty more animal mysteries in store. And if you know a youngster who was head over tails in love with the first book - you must get them the second one!

For all those doubters who said it couldn't be done, Kari Lavelle has put together a book full of even more intriguing animals and their amazing faces and fundaments. Each creature is shown first in a close-up that could be either its face or its butt. Readers must guess, then turn the page to see if they were correct. The answer page has a photo that shows a more wide-screen view of the animal  along with text that tells the name of the animal and a few details about it. Sidebars labeled "Face the Facts" or "Beyond the Backside" offer even more information about the animal and its various body parts. 

This book is perfect for young animal lovers, kiddos who enjoy guessing games, classes studying animals, or caregivers looking for a book to get a child interested in reading. Who could resist finding out that a giraffe's "patootie provides a perfect place for a power nap," or that there is such a creature as an alien butt spider? The author's note explains the inspiration behind these amazing books. 

This book is due to hit the shelves April 2nd, so mark your calendars!

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