Sunday, February 11, 2024

Winter Reading 2024 Wildflower


"Daisy had just bloomed, and it felt good to open her petals and turn to the sun." That seems like a positive place to start a story. But then the other flowers all tell her that she is a weed and doesn't belong. As each one brags about their own usefulness or beauty, Daisy droops a little more. But when she meets sweeet pea, blackberry, and other plants that also are called weeds, she learns that they all have something to offer as well. When she hears Rose complaining that a weed is in her sunshine, Daisy points out, "There is more than enough sunshine for everyone."

Back matter includes a gardener's glossary of some terms used in the book, as well as an author's note about possible benefits of so-called weeds. Visit the Greystone Kids website to download a helpful guide for parents and teachers to use with the book. While the story may be taken at face value as a discussion of garden plants and whether wildflowers are actually weeds, it can also be used for lessons on acceptance and valuing others. Imagine pairing it with Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Daisy and Chrysanthemum both wilt and droop when they are belittled, but bloom when they are appreciated. Don't we all?

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