Sunday, February 4, 2024

Winter Reading 2024 Fatal First Edition (A Library Lover's Mystery Book 14)


Lindsey Norris stumbles across more dead bodies than any library director should have to deal with, but they all seem to be around the Briar Creek area where she lives with her husband Sully. Surely a trip out of town to a library conference will be a nice change of pace, right? And there is the added benefit of getting to hear the keynote address by famed book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright. (This crossover appearance is also a plus for fans of the Bibliophile Mystery series). But, alas, Lindsey becomes entangled in another murder investigation after she finds a signed first edition of Strangers on a Train. She turns in the book to the conference director, but on the way home there is a death on the train that she, Sully, and several other conference attendees, are aboard.

Readers follow along as Lindsey, Sully, and their friend Emma Plewicki, the police chief of Briar Creek, try to unravel the connections between people and events. There were several conflicts between those at the conference, past relationships, current rivalries, etc. Is the death related to those? Or is it all centered around the book dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock (just to throw another famous mystery name into the mix). It doesn't help that a snowstorm strands all the suspects in Briar Creek and traps them in the hotel, or that the roads are nearly impassable. As the unknown culprit remains on the loose there are more incidents - rooms and homes broken into, assaults, a kidnapping, and someone even leaves Lindsey's dog Heathcliff out in the storm. Animal cruelty on top of everything else!

Over the years the Library Lover's Mystery series has seen Lindsey and Sully deal with all sorts of book-related situations. A dead body found in a secret room located in a posh home library. A murdered tourism director found at the site of a search for pirate treasure. The body of the library board president found in the library's stacks during a fundraiser. Whoever thought that librarians lead quiet lives will have their opinion changed by these captivating stories. Although it is fun to read them in order and see the relationships between all the characters develop, they are also satisfying to read as stand-alone adventures.

If you know a library lover or mystery lover, this book is coming out just in time for Valentine's Day - so make their holiday special with a little mayhem to unravel.

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