Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fall Reading 2013 Francis, the Little Fox

Francis, the Little Fox is a book by Véronique Boisjoly. I like how the story shows Francis and his father going to the laundromat. Books that show fathers doing household chores or spending time with a child one-on-one are always welcome additions to the picture book genre. And this father even turns doing the laundry into an entertaining outing. Kids will laugh at Lily playing tricks on Francis and nod their heads when she feels guilty and cleans up the mess she makes. But the laugh-out-loud moment will be the discovery of the large underpants! Those are a surefire cause of giggles in the primary grades.

It's a bit like the Little Critter books (Just Me and My Mom, Just Me and My Dad, etc.), in the way that Francis is off with his father and the rest of the family doesn't come along. This would be a good book to take along the next time you have to visit the laundromat.

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