Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Reading 2013 The Rescue Team

The Rescue Team by Billi Tiner features a dog named Ellie whose owners drop her off at the animal shelter because they are having a baby and think they will not have time for a dog. The story opens with Ellie sadly waiting in the animal shelter for someone to adopt her. When Anne comes in, they seem to know they will get along well. And their hunch is correct, they bond right away. When a storm comes up one night, an abandoned cat seeks shelter on their porch. The two friends accept the cat into their family and Anne names him Toby. Ellie and Toby become an efficient team for finding lost children and pets. After a tornado strikes their town they even search for survivors in the damaged buildings. It is a very positive story about pets who have been rescued and given a home becoming rescuers themselves.

This story shows the power of affection and second chances. It would be great to use as an example of cooperation, too. Animal lovers and readers who enjoy stories of rescues and unlikely heroes will enjoy this book.

The author has a blog where she makes book recommendations, talks about her own books, and offers pet advice.

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