Monday, August 19, 2013

Monument 14 - a review by Trevor

MONUMENT 14 by Emmy Laybourne

          I recommend this book to readers of the age 13 and up. I hope you enjoy this book. This book's setting is in the future (about a year) in Monument, Colorado. 7 teenagers and 7 kids get trapped in a superstore while outside there is a monster hailstorm and finally a nuclear plant blowing up. This book scared me a lot and made me want to cry sometimes. That is why it is in my closet. So I recommend that you stay with that book you are reading right now if you cry easily, or you get scared easily. I recommend that you read the first book before you try the second. So that's all I can say without spoiling all of it. Hope you enjoy it.
Cover Monument 14: Sky on Fire, Emmy LaybourneEmmy Laybourne Monument 14   

Emmy Layborne's Twitter and her website have more information about the series and the author.  Macmillan Books has a book trailer available, too.

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