Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Reading 2013 Chloe and the Lion

My friend, Brenda Goins, recommended Chloe and the Lion by Mac Barnett. I'm very glad she did because it was very funny. I love picture books that play with the idea of how a story is created. In this one, the author and illustrator disagree on how closely the pictures should match up with the text. Next thing you know, someone has been swallowed by the lion in the story! I love the humor of this book, especially the parts like receiving a phone call while in the lion's stomach. (I guess it's a bit like "George of the Jungle," no one dies - they just get really big boo-boos.) The mix of art mediums was clever and added to the sense of creativity in the story. I recommend this to readers of all ages.

Disney/Hyperion has provided a video trailer for the book that is almost as funny as the book. The author has his own website where you can check out some of his other books. Or you can visit the website for illustrator Adam Rex and find out more about him and his art. I picked up a copy of this book for our library at the Children's Festival of Reading in Knoxville.

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