Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Reading 2013 Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy

Andy Briggs has done a reboot on the Tarzan legend for its 100th anniversary. Tarzan first appeared in a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912 and has never left pop culture since. For today's audience Briggs portrays Tarzan as the son of wildlife activists, whose plane crashed in Zaire and Tarzan has no memory of them. He has grown up with a tribe of gorillas and become king of the jungle in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jane comes to the jungle with her father and his friend Clark. The men have a "get rich" scheme of illegal logging in the rain forest and Jane is stuck in the logging camp with only one other person her age, a young man named Robbie who has stowed away on a freighter from the U.S. When Jane becomes lost, she encounters Tarzan and begins to piece together his story. The area is full of wildlife, rebel forces, poachers, and other dangers - but Jane comes to appreciate the wild beauty and even the brutality of survival.

If you enjoy adventure, eco-warriors defending the wild places of the Earth, heart-stopping danger, and daring heroes, then you should give Tarzan a try. This is no kind-hearted "George of the Jungle." Tarzan is 100% jungle predator. And the book has even captured the approval of Jane Goodall.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley, but the paperback and e-book were released last year..

The publisher's website includes a video with the author about the 100th anniversary of Tarzan stories. The author also has a trailer for this first book in the series.

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