Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Author and Illustrator Visit with Mary Faith and David Enyart

The local author and illustrator team of Mary Faith and David Enyart visited Fairview on October 3, 2013. They did a program with kindergarten, second, third, and fifth grades. (First and fourth grades were on field trips and will meet the Enyarts on October 23.) Mary Faith talked about writing the books Rescue in the Wild and Thief in the Park. She had a show & tell on what kind of supplies to take with you when you are hiking, including a survival blanket and a poncho.

Mary Faith also told us that they are working on a third book for the series. It will be titled Storm in the Park.
       David played some mountain music for us and danced his Jumping Jack (a.k.a. Limber Jack) around to the beat.

Then he showed us how he uses SketchBook Pro on his graphics tablet to do some of his artwork for the illustrations.

Everyone enjoyed the visit and many of the students asked for autographs.

Fairview sends out a big thank-you to the Enyarts!!

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