Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Reading 2014 The 13-Story Treehouse

For readers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and other zany stories - now there is a new series beginning with The 13-Story Treehouse. Andy and Terry live in a treehouse with, you guessed it, 13 stories. They have everything boys living in a treehouse could want - a live shark tank, a bowling alley, a lemonade fountain, a machine that shoots marshmallows into your mouth when you are's a great place. The problem is that they are having so much fun, they have forgotten to write the book that their editor is waiting on - and now they only have a day to finish it up. You know how things go when you are under a deadline, suddenly anything that can go wrong, does. In this case, that means the treehouse will be attacked by a giant gorilla, a sea monster will try to eat them, monkeys will break the marshmallow machine, and they will also invent the "catnary" (a flying yellow cat). Those are just a few of the highlights of their day - the day that should have been spent quietly working on their book. 

If you enjoy unending silliness, lots of dumb jokes, and general goofiness - then this is a series you will really like. It is written in a style similar to Captain Underpants. I don't mean the potty humor, but the way the main characters address the readers directly and tell us about their ridiculously crazy adventures.

We just added a copy of this title to the library.

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