Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Reading 2014 When Fairies Go Bad (Dragonbreath, #7)


Dragonbreath is a popular series in our school library. Some of the kids like it because of the illustrations, others like it for the humor. In this adventure, Danny's mother is kidnapped by fairies and Danny and his friends set out to rescue her. Wendell and Christiana come along to help bring Mrs. Dragonbreath home, even though Christiana is certain that there are no such things as fairies. With some advice from Danny's great-grandfather, they pack up supplies (spoons, pudding cups, a script of what to say to the king of faerie) and catch the bus to fairyland. They run into all sorts of creatures along the way and have a hard time sticking to the trail as Great-Granddad advised. There are vicious-looking boars, birds wearing masks, a talking fox, a fairy wearing a fez, and odd animated stick people (yes, made from sticks). Will they be able to bargain for the release of Danny's mother and make it safely out of Faerie? And will Christiana believe any of it really happened? You'll have to read it to find out.

We just added this to our library.

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