Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Reading 2014 Villain School: Hero in Disguise


I haven't read the first of the Villain School books yet, so I don't know all the details of how Rune meets Princess Ileana, or how he formed an alliance with Wolf and Jezebel. But the second book was a fun read all on it own. Rune Drexler attends a school for villains in training. The school's leader is Master Dreadthorn, who also happens to be Rune's father (but that doesn't get Rune any special treatment). His allies (villains aren't supposed to have friends), are Wolf - son of the Big Bad Wolf, Jezebel - daughter of Count Dracula, and now Princess Ileana, whom he met when he went out on a plot last year (like a quest for villains). A new student is assigned as Rune's roommate, and he has to show the the new kid how things work at the school. The newbie, Dodge VonDoe, has transferred from a rival villain school run by the sorceress Morgana. Rune and his allies are caught up in an intricate plot involving dragons, crystal balls, old prophecies, the principal of the school for heroes, magical handcuffs, henchmen, and lots of other neat stuff.

It reminds me of the humor in How to Grow Up and Rule the World by Vordak the Incomprehensible. If you like adventures that combine friends (I mean allies), humor, danger, magic, superpowers, all taking place in a school setting (but not at all like Hogwarts), then you should give Villain School a try.

We just added a copy of this book to the library.

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